Maybe you should drive

usairways sucks+

I hate flying. I hate the airline industry. I specifically hate USAirways. I don’t hate the employees of USAirways, just the company itself. It is the epitome of all that has gone wrong with American capitalism. It is a company that systematically degrades the quality of its product while constantly increasing the cost for it. It is a company that treats customers the same way it treats […]

Potpourri … and Palin

sarh palin at freedom summit

These days I never have strong enough opinions to write a whole blog post, so here’s a grab-bag of stuff that has caught my attention over the past couple of weeks: What I’ve been reading: “The Girl on the Train,” by Paula Hawkins. I liked it a lot. It deserves all the hype it’s been getting. It probably also deserves the incessant comparisons with “Gone Girl” — […]

The glossophobe judge

Nice to be appreciated.

Yesterday I served as a judge for an oratorical contest put on by the American Legion. I’m not sure why I agreed to do it. Normally, I scrupulously avoid any activity that might involve meeting new people. I am one of those introverted types who can pass as personable for a few minutes at a time, but eventually the people I’m next to wander away and I […]

A vote for the Nazis

man in the high castle scene

You may have heard that Amazon, in its bid to dominate even more of your life than Facebook, is now soliciting audience opinions on which shows it should develop. Right now there are about a dozen pilots, available here for free. To be honest, most of them look dreadful, but I did take a look at “The Man in the High Castle” and decided to vote for […]

The Boy Who … Lied

boy who came back from heaven

Well, I never saw this coming: The aptly-named Alex Malarkey now wishes to clarify that he didn’t actually die and ascend into Heaven, as he had indicated in the book he and his father co-wrote in 2010. Thus, “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” probably wasn’t the most accurate title ever written. Then again, “The Boy Who Was Critically Injured and Spent Two Months in a […]

Better get it on paper


We’ve lived in this old house for nearly five years now, and still don’t have a lot of pictures on the wall. So today I uploaded the above photo of my granddaughter Ruby and ordered an 11×14 print at Walgreen’s. They had it ready in just under an hour. Then I went to Target and got a $22 frame. Now little Ruby rules the landing on the […]