Time goes by

Here’s a little time-lapse video I made yesterday, just because I could. Nothing very dramatic, just another twilight at Casa del Dave in Springfield. That’s the Three Layers wine bar and coffee house across the street. As you can see, it was kind of a slow night. The camera was on a tripod on my porch. I left our resident pit bull outside just to discourage those […]

The walkin’ man

Almost there!

According to my Fitbit dashboard, I’ve walked a little over 2,800 miles since acquiring the device in May 2013. That’s pretty close to 6 million steps. If I’d set out on foot to visit my daughter in Seattle, right about now I’d be striding along somewhere past Ellensburg, Wash. (And dreading Snoqualmie Pass, no doubt.) I don’t know how many miles I might have walked without this […]

Post-election analysis

r. crumb's mr. natural

I‘ve spent the last two mornings reading everything the pundits have to say about the 2014 midterm elections. Depending on the writer, America is now truly screwed, or it’s now on the way to salvation. After sober reflection on elections past, I think the more things change, the more they stay the same. Cartoonist Robert Crumb summed it up nicely 50 years ago:

Pick your poison

Well, technically it was by mail.

Yeah, I voted. I’m not sure why. Here in the Sunshine State, the big contest was between an inept current governor and an inept former one. After a month of dueling attack ads, both men pretty much reduced each other to the stature of small, evil clowns. The sad reality of election day in Florida is knowing that no matter how you vote, one of the candidates […]

Nothing like Paris

These streets are made for walking.

A mile or so up the Champs-Élysées and I’m the only one in sensible shoes. This is Paris. I’m an aging American tourist and can’t stop trying hard not to seem like one. But it’s a vain effort. People on the street seem younger than before. They are still svelte as weasels and still favor tight black apparel. They come in a variety of ethnicities. They wear […]

Autumn elsewhere

From the Seine in 2007.

So long. Farewell. Auf wiedersehen, adieu. Also, arrivederci. The brunette and I are off to the continent. First to a little town in Italy, and then to a big town in France. We’re calling it a 15th anniversary trip, even though it coincides with a niece’s wedding in Santa Margherita Ligure and some work-related stuff in Paris. They say both are lovely this time of year. But […]

Bring on da crap

So ye call this a movie, do ye?

The world really is going to hell, isn’t it? We’ve got ISIS cutting off everybody’s heads. We’ve got the ebola virus on a sightseeing tour of America. And now we’ve got Adam Sandler contractually obligated to do at least four more movies. It’s the last one that really makes me fear for America. Ever seen “Blended”? “Jack and Jill”? “Grownups 2″? Me neither. But I have noted […]