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And now for something fiction-related: One of my stories is now available as a podcast. Remember podcasts? They were those sound files you could get on the Internets and listen to on a device called an “iPod.” Apparently that’s still a thing, even if iPods are not. A few months back I was contacted by a site called Crime City Central. The man in charge, Jack Calverly, […]

The next small thing

I want the one with the butterfly. It's so whimsical.

You know, I was one of those who laughed and laughed when the iPad was first announced. The sheer size of it, compared to a perfectly good iPhone that fit in one’s pocket, seemed ludicrous. Why carry a second big device that actually did less than the small one? The name was stupid too. Then Apple went on to sell more than 210 million of the damned […]

It was only us

uptown market jacksonville

When the wife and I go out to dinner, there are two conditions I hope to avoid: (a) Not being able to find parking, and (b) being the only customer in the place. Last night it was the latter. We went to the Uptown Market, partly because we really like the food and service there, and partly because they had recently announced new expanded hours and we […]

Sidewalk swine

springfield parking hogs

In my neighborhood, people don’t just park on the street. They park on the grass between the sidewalk and street (called the CROW, for City Right of Way). They park on their lawns. They park in the alleys. And they all too frequently park on the sidewalk itself. That last part pisses me off. I guess it pisses a lot of people off here in Springfield: Somebody […]

Thus spake Palin

sarah palin's Amazing America

Sarah Palin has taken time out from her latest TV show to demand that President Obama be impeached. Obama should take some comfort from that, since Palin’s support on any issue, historically, has been a pretty sure sign that the opposite will happen. Part of me wants to believe that Palin’s opinion piece on Breitbart was written by someone else, since she rarely communicates in complete sentences. […]

Jury duty redux

district court jury box

Once again, I was summoned for jury duty. Once again, I was dismissed after spending half a day at court, shivering in the hyperactive AC. I’m beginning to think lawyers mistake my naturally shifty look for a vengeful nature. Maybe it’s just as well. You only get paid $40 a day. And after the judge explained the facts of the civil case in question, I was already […]

‘Fargo’ in Bemidji

Strangers in an emergency room.

‘Fargo,” the FX series, may be the best thing I’ve seen on the small screen since “Breaking Bad.” We finished it last night, after paying two bucks an episode via Amazon Prime. I like the pay-as-you-go method; if a show starts to stink you can save yourself some dough and make a statement at the same time. “Fargo” doesn’t stink. I’m not saying it was perfect. There […]