A little history lesson

diaries of a young man

You put things off and then one morning you wake up and say: Today I will clean out the garage. (Apologies to Charles Portis.) So I spent most of Friday ineffectually moving stuff around in an attempt to organize it. The garage did look tidier for a time, mostly because most of the crap (below right) was sitting out on the driveway. But the day wasn’t a […]

Coulda been worse

No gun, so no dead. Think on that.

Here’s one thing I learned this week: If you’re going to encounter a homicidal lunatic, it’s really a lot better if he has a kitchen knife instead of an assault rifle. I know: the NRA will certainly cast the Pennsylvania stabbing incident as another case where an intrepid teacher could have blown away the miscreant if only the teacher had been allowed — or better yet, required […]

Springfield lions club

One thing about the oldish houses of my neighborhood here in Springfield: A fair number of them have a pair of stone lions guarding the steps. It’s something modern home builders never think of, for some reason. Anyway, I’ve been stalking them during my daily ramble.

Big Book o’ Time

time traveler's almanac

I can’t resist time-travel stories. So when I happened across The Time Traveler’s Almanac on Amazon, I hit the “buy now” button at very nearly the speed of light. If I’d been even quicker, maybe I could have read this post without the trouble of actually writing it. Or something like that. When you really analyze any story about time travel, things quickly have a way of […]

Going postal

Nothing like longhand.

When’s the last time you wrote a letter? I feel comfortable asking that because for me, it was only about an hour ago. (Never mind that it had probably been more than a year since I’d last done it.) I wrote to thank Mom for putting me up during my recent visit to Montana, and to apprise her of the latest news from sunny Florida. The reason […]

Mind if I vape?

vaping in the workplace

The word “vape” has been around at least a decade, but I predict it will become one of the most overused words of 2014, and one of the most overdone activities. When I saw Julia Louis-Dreyfus puffing away on an e-cig at the Golden Globes, I realized that old-fashioned cigarettes are on the way out. Hollywood giveth, and Hollywood taketh away. Most of us who used to […]

As the Oscars go by

kim novak matthew mconaughey

We complain about the Oscars every year, but usually there are at least couple of semi-remarkable moments to make the show memorable. This year, all we got was Kim Novak’s ruined face and a running gag about rich people actually ordering and eating pizza. And paying for it! Ha ha. This show. I don’t think I’ve missed one in 20 years. I don’t know why. I am […]