No, Jeb. Just no.

george w. and jeb bush

Was invading Iraq a good idea? If somebody takes more than two seconds to answer with a simple uppercase “NO,” you have to wonder about their grasp of reality. You really have to wonder if that person should run for president. But there’s Jeb Bush, parsing and equivocating and trying to make it sound like supporting one’s troubled brother matters more than correctly identifying the nation’s biggest […]

Parking, schmarking

jacksonville skyline from south bank

I feel the shadow of old-man querulousness as much as the next guy, but I’m very careful these days not to bitch about parking. Nothing makes a man seem weaker or whinier than complaining when you can’t park RIGHT NEXT to where you want to be. It’s like telling those damn kids to get off your lawn. Here in Jacksonville, they just finished renovating the Southbank Riverwalk […]

All about the eyeballs

I don't think so.

I didn’t need Facebook’s dubious study to tell me what I already know: I tend to like stuff I already like. This is why such a large percentage of my news feed consists of amusing cat videos. Still, I get why scientists are calling bullshit on the study, wherein Facebook’s brainiacs conclude, basically, that its secret-sauce algorithm does not keep users from seeing opinions they disagree with. […]

It’s all junk, eventually

Let's start lining these up along the equator.

Awhile back, I almost bought one of those Keurig machines. My brother and his wife have one and I was impressed by how conveniently it could brew a good cup of coffee. Never mind that I already have a decent coffee maker and drink about five cups a day; those shiny new Keurigs kept calling my name every time I’d wander through a Costco. I resisted the […]

Must-see mayhem

Mother of Dragons — and fantasies of freshmen boys.

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is one of the few TV shows that is actually better than its source material. Have you seen it? It’s a festival of bare butts and broadswords, full frontal profanity and major characters dying horribly on a weekly basis. Gratuitous? Absolutely! And rollicking fun for the whole family! I watched the first three seasons awhile back on my mother-in-law’s account. Now I’m catching […]

Maybe you should drive

usairways sucks+

I hate flying. I hate the airline industry. I specifically hate USAirways. I don’t hate the employees of USAirways, just the company itself. It is the epitome of all that has gone wrong with American capitalism. It is a company that systematically degrades the quality of its product while constantly increasing the cost for it. It is a company that treats customers the same way it treats […]