‘Fargo’ in Bemidji

Strangers in an emergency room.

‘Fargo,” the FX series, may be the best thing I’ve seen on the small screen since “Breaking Bad.” We finished it last night, after paying two bucks an episode via Amazon Prime. I like the pay-as-you-go method; if a show starts to stink you can save yourself some dough and make a statement at the same time. “Fargo” doesn’t stink. I’m not saying it was perfect. There […]

Vicar with a heart

Heart-to-heart in East London.

If you only watch the Hulu promo for “Rev.,” you might think it’s just another “Vicar of Dibley” or “Father Ted” — a catchphrase-heavy sitcom about zany vicars and their zany congregations. It’s actually a lot better than that. Having just watched the third (and probably final) season on Hulu, I consider it another of those miniature BBC masterpieces, like “The Office” or “Fawlty Towers.” I say […]

The annoying Mr. Chu

alex trebek and arthur chu on jeopardy

I like games: “Ticket to Ride,” Hearts, “Mafia,” Pinochle … and of course, “Jeopardy.” Especially “Jeopardy.” It always brings out the show-off in me. I love to pop off answers before the contestants can. Behold my genius, friends and family! No matter that my confident answers are often wrong — hey, I not wagering actual money. So I have a grudging admiration for Arthur Chu, even as […]

‘Downton': Time for another dead Turk?

downton abbey season 4 lady mary

Did you catch the season premiere of Downton Abbey on Sunday? I see at least 10.2 million of you did. My take: Two solid hours of boredom. I don’t want to be one of those people who finds fault with all things popular, but I do think this show, like Mad Men, has completely lost its mojo. Let’s just say I don’t have any strong urge to […]

The sound of the snarkmeisters

It's like the man said, Carrie: "Haters gon' hate."

We were talking about the insane Twitter flame-fest that erupted during and after NBC’s live version of The Sound of Music. What the hell was up with that? I was shocked and saddened. What do people expect of live television? Something really classy like the f*%$#ing Grammy Awards? Look, the original Sound of Music was corny even when it was new, and this stage version didn’t add […]

The not-so-quick and ‘The Walking Dead’

Just another day at the apocalypse.

The zombies of The Walking Dead have the reflexes of Play-Doh, zero tactical awareness, and a top speed of 1.2 miles per hour. Yet somehow they are able to take down major characters week after week. That’s just one of the problems I have with this show. I’m coming up on the end of Season Three via Netflix and there are so many new faces it’s beginning […]

My last bit of praise for “Breaking Bad’

Into the sunset.

I know: Nobody comes here to get the final analysis on Breaking Bad. But I can’t say goodbye to the best TV show ever made without saying something about it. Those of you who’ve never seen the show are free to to go. I promise, my assassins outside won’t track you down later. First of all, memo to David Chase: This is how you end a critically […]