Hello again. And now I must be going.

After 15 years of the Internet, I thought I’d heard from pretty much everyone I’d ever crossed paths with since being born. But the other day there was a comment on a video I’d uploaded to YouTube: “did you attend Flathead H.S.?” I recognized the name. We’d been close friends during my freshman year. All the girls back then loved the way he danced. Once he was […]

Sticking it to the (Instagram) man

Hey, it's my feet again!

Like a lot of people, I deleted the Instagram app (and all the mediocre photos I’d taken with it) after reading about Facebook’s new terms of service. At first reading, the new TOS made it sound like anybody who uses the app is a mindless tool who exists solely to consume ads and provide free content for Facebook. It gave the impression that I am the product, […]

Too many stars and too much history

twitter know-nothings

I can’t get all smug about the Twitter people who know nothing of Paul McCartney, Dick Clark and Rodney King, and who are unaware that the film Titanic was based on actual events. It’s not that I don’t enjoy making fun of people who are dumber than I am; I do, very much. And it’s not that I don’t think the national IQ has been trending downward […]

Every call is a wakeup call

I do think mobile phones are changing how people relate to each other. But maybe it’s not such a bad thing. Tonight a young couple parked in front of my house, no doubt intending some quality time at the wine bar across the street. They were both good-looking, both in their mid-20s, both smiling when they got out. Then the woman groped for her purse. She pulled […]

Finally, some activity on LinkedIn

Actually, it’s good to learn that millions of LinkedIn passwords have been stolen by Russian hacker and leaked online. As far as I know, that’s the first time anyone has had anything to do with my LinkedIn profile since I posted it more than a year ago. Also, if they’re posting the passwords online, maybe I’ll finally get a reminder of what the hell mine was. As […]

Some dopamine of one’s own

If you were to make a list of things that might really make a difference in your life, quitting Facebook would be way down there. Probably about the same level as quitting American Idol or vowing to clip your toenails more regularly. Which is to say, it can’t hurt. But neither can it make much difference in the fullness of time. But I quit anyway. Again. It […]

Social media for the antisocial

Somebody please shoot me.

I'm getting social media fatigue. While it all keeps getting bigger and more pervasive and the terms of service keep getting revised in sinister ways, I can never figure out how any of it is supposed to enhance my day-to-day existence. Pinterest, for example. What the hell is a person supposed to do with Pinterest? Like everyone else, I had to have it. Basically, you cruise the […]